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The Cassinomagus thermal baths are among the best preserved ancient archaeological sites in Europe!

Come and discover or rediscover this exceptional site.

Cassinomagus , the ancient name of Chassenon, is a living archaeological park, to be visited with the family. New features await you there every year.

Spend an hour or a full day to experience history intensely!

Enjoy the Pliny Botanical Garden and the park. Admire the riches of the exhibition " Thermae Cassinomagus , daily life in Gallo-Roman times " completed by the digital reconstruction film " A day at the Therme s".
Animations and events keep this historic place alive all season *.

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Discover all our tours, events, and new offers for 2022

You can now book your group visit to Cassinomagus!

What's new at Cassinomagus?

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