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Opening of the snack 

From March 30 to May 31 and from October 1 to November 12(excluding school holidays, "bridges" and public holidays: Saturday and Sunday

School holidays, "bridges" and public holidays: every day 

From June 1 to July 7 and from September 1 to 30: Wednesday to Sunday (open Monday July 1 and Tuesday July 2) 

From July 6 to August 31: every day

Snacks, ice cream and drinks are available throughout the season from March 30 to November 11. 

Compulsory reservation of picnic baskets before 12 noon.

Informations pratiques: Horaires


From the picnic basket to the local jar to warm up, a snack at your fingertips

We offer pâté or vegetarian option picnic baskets and local jars to warm up

Baguette Cheeses


Hot or cold drinks, the choice is yours

Tea, coffee, sodas to be found throughout the season

Tasse de café

ice cream

To refresh after a good visit

From traditional ice cream to local ice cream from the farm, come and treat yourself


To taste

For children or adults

A snack at 5€ consisting of sweets, chocolate chip cookies, compote, fruit juice

Gâteaux avec des pépites de chocolat
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