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Where passion begins

Since 2017, Cassinomagus has been managed, on behalf of the Charente Department which owns it, by a private company: ALFRAN. Each member of the team aims to enhance the site for the public. Having obtained the tourism quality label after only one year of operation, the Cassinomagus team makes every effort to welcome you, show you around and answer your questions in the best possible conditions.

Here is a short presentation of the team members.


Site manager

Marie comes from the world of travel and responsible tourism.

From her past experiences and her passion for the territory on which Cassinomagus is built, she draws knowledge and requirements.

Respect for the visitor in their differences, the requirement for quality of service, the promotion of a heritage that belongs to all of us: that is why she is there.


Technical and garden manager

Coming from an agricultural background, Alexandra managed a farm for a long time. She wanted to retrain but stay in contact with nature and its territory. She first joined the team as a seasonal gardener in 2021. This year she becomes technical manager and works both on the monitoring of archaeological remains and the maintenance of site equipment or plant maintenance of the park. This makes it possible to offer visitors the most pleasant ride possible.


Mediation manager

Charlotte is driven by a passion for history and archeology. After a master's degree in archeology, she specialized in cultural mediation, a real professional revelation. Her goal ? Share and transmit history for everyone!


Cultural mediator - boutique manager

After studying history and heritage, Gabriella now transmits her passion for a site that she has known since her younger years. For her, being a tour guide is a link between heritage and the public, and thus contributes to making our cultural wealth known. In addition, being bilingual, she is the Franco-English asset of the site!



After studies in heritage enhancement, an internship and a season atCassinomagus, it was only natural that she wanted to join the team to complete her studies in communication and digital marketing. In addition to its versatility, its primary objective is to highlight the thermal baths on all possible media in order to attract the attention and interest of the public to a site that conquered it as soon as it arrived in the region.

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