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The Cassinomagus thermal baths are among the best preserved ancient monuments in Europe! Come discover or rediscover this exceptional heritage of 12,500m².
Cassinomagus is an archaeological site to visit with your family: guided or non-guided tours of the thermal baths, remains and gardens to discover on more than 15 hectares, numerous activities and events throughout the season!

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  • Guided tour of the thermal baths: a dive into the heart of Gallo-Roman daily life by discovering the thermal baths, their use and the great importance of hygiene, physical activity and leisure at that time!

Cassinomagusreserves the right to modify the schedules of guided tours depending on the number of visitors and entertainment/events - "day-to-day" information on 05 45 89 32 21.


  • Free visit to the thermal bathsat any time with or without audio guides (French, English, German)included in the entrance fee.

  • Guided tour in virtual reality:discover a new visit to the remains of the disappeared temple, thanks to the virtual reality helmets!

  • Family costumed tour: follow a Gallo-Roman to discover the thermal baths ofCassinomagus. A real dip in the past to do with the family! (in summer)



  • Escape Game: the lost treasure ofCassinomagus. The life-size escape game ofCassinomagusreturns for its very last season on the site, will you have enough courage to try the adventure? All information on the page of theEscape Room.  (opening in June)

  • The Labyrinth of the Gods and its playgroundawait you for 1 hour of puzzles and games to discover mythology! (opening in May)

  • THEfabricaeofCassinomagus : come and take part in a creative workshop around the Gallo-Romans as a family.

  • Meeting in the garden: discover Pliny's garden with the gardener to follow in the footsteps of Roman botanists but also the natural and eco-responsible cultivation methods of our garden!

By our Friends and partners of the Friends of Chassenon Association

  • Ie apiary ofCassinomagus: an educational apiary to retrace the history of bees and honey from Antiquity to the present day, activities by beekeepers from the Friends of Chassenon Association.

To discover freely at the bottom of our botanical garden.

  • Series of lectures: you want to deepen your visit on a particular theme? The conference cycle is accessible to all, once a month except July-August, come and meet specialists in history or archeology.



  • NEWThe animal meadow: come and discover the animals that shared the life of the Gallo-Romans on the Gallo-Roman mini-farm!

  • "A day at the thermal baths" film of virtual historical reconstitution of the thermal baths ofCassinomagus. Check out the movie trailer at the bottom of the page


  • Life-size reconstruction of theunctorium, to discover during your visit to the thermal baths.

  • A game booklet "DiscoveringCassinomaguswith Livia and Caïus" allows children to browse the site while having fun

  • Squares of archaeological digs with free access for children

  • Ancient open-air games with free access, discovery of the ancient temple, walk in thePliny's garden

  • Permanent exhibition "Thermae cassinomagus, daily life in Gallo-Roman times", with its models and numerous archaeological objects

  • Celebrate your birthday atCassinomagus!! Find all the information on the pageanniversary.

Trailer of the 3D restitution film: "A day at the thermal baths"

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