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Retrouvez ici nos mesures mises en œuvre pour vous accueillir dans des conditions sanitaires adaptées..

Les mesures sanitaires nous imposent un protocole strict en accord avec le décret du 19 juillet 2021 et la préfecture de Charente. L'accès au site est soumis à la présentation d'un pass vaccinal valide contrôlé à l'entrée du site.

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  • Has Cassinomagus planned specific measures to make the site accessible to the public during this period of health emergency?
    The Cassinomagus Archaeological Park has re-opened its doors with adapted facilities and entertainment, and planned disinfection and cleaning measures. These strict measures are validated by the police authorities. The VACCINATION PASS has been required since January 2022 to access the Cassinomagus site for people over 16 and the health pass for 12-15 year olds. We are convinced that these measures allow us to guarantee you, as well as our team, a discovery environment in complete "health safety".
  • Does Cassinomagus require visitors to wear masks?
    The Cassinomagus Archaeological Park asks its visitors to keep the habit of "barrier gestures" now well known to all: wearing a mask seems to us to be a gesture of respect for everyone. The vaccination pass does not prevent visitors from wearing a mask in the reception building, which we ask visitors to respect. Masks are available for sale at reception: disposable mask at 0.50€/unit to respond to omissions or losses... A mask must be worn in the covered areas: the reception-exhibition building and during your visit to the remains. In the park, the mask remains mandatory for our supervising team depending on the circumstances.
  • What time(s) are the least crowded at Cassinomagus? I want to avoid the crowd!
    The Cassinomagus Archaeological Park is an open-air place to visit, extending over 25 hectares, 15 of which are accessible to you, and can therefore accommodate more than a hundred people a day. Summer days are the busiest (about 200 people per day). To avoid busy times, avoid events (July 24 and 25, August 21 and 22, for example)... You can prefer, on standard days, a visit in the morning or at the end of the day. Arrivals can be made until 6 p.m. (closing at 7 p.m. in summer, at 6 p.m. however between September and November, the last entries are therefore at 5 p.m.). Avoid scheduled guided tour times, especially avoiding arriving between 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. We hide nothing... Welcome!
  • If a case of covid-19 is detected as having been present on the site, will I be informed afterwards?
    Our procedures, accepted by the prefecture, propose keeping in touch with visitors in order to be able to send these lists to the health authorities, if necessary. You are therefore asked when you arrive on the site, to give us a telephone number or e-mail address. We keep track of you ;-)
  • Do we have access to hydroalcoholic gel? Should I wear gloves?
    The gloves provide a false feeling of cleanliness. We therefore ask our visitors to please wash their hands when they arrive on the site, then hydro-alcoholic lotion is made available to visitors in the checkout areas, shop and contact areas. : both practical and hygienic!
  • What cleaning and disinfection practices are in place?
    The floors of the shop and the reception are cleaned every day with a product adapted to virucidal standards. The toilets are cleaned every 2 hours, as are the contact surfaces. The items for sale are not cleaned after each visitor because we will be there to help you serve you, but also to advise you. The seats are kept to a strict minimum in the park so as not to multiply these spaces to be cleaned.
  • Can I eat at Cassinomagus?
    The site's snack bar offers SIMPLE and PRACTICAL formulas based on local products. *picnic formula from €8, *local and/or "organic" jars from €6.50. > Vegetarian formulas possible. A picnic area outside the site is at your disposal. You can also have take-out sales or catering in the restaurants in the area. Relais d'Etagnac is the closest restaurant to the site (05 45 89 21 38).
  • Do I have to present a VACCINATION PASS to visit CASSINOMAGUS?
    YES since Monday January 24, 2022, the vaccination pass is an obligation for our visitors over 16 years old and the health pass for 12-15 year olds. https:/ / Wearing a mask remains compulsory inside the building.

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